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Postpartum Doula Support

My goal as your Postpartum Doula is to nurture you as parents in your new roles. My training has taught me to always consider a parent's feelings and build confidence whenever possible. I do this through praise, acceptance and a non-judgmental approach. In addition, I teach strategies and skills that will improve your ability to soothe and bond with your baby. 


I create a safe space for you emotionally which supports your mental health and helps you to avoid postpartum depression. I provide a cushioning effect by accepting you as a mother/parent within each stage that you pass through.  This relieves some of the pressure from you by helping you move into your responsibilities gradually. By mothering the mother/partner/parent, I make sure you feel nurtured and cared for, as well as making sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep.

I do not market a particular parenting approach. Instead, I hold a safe space for you to develop your own philosophies.

I respect your partner’s role and input, and teach concrete skills that will help your partner to better nurture you and the baby. I share evidence-based information that shows how his or her role in the early weeks will have a dramatic positive effect on the family.

As you experience success and your knowledge and self-confidence grows, your needs for my professional support will fade.


Nurturing Postpartum Packages

- Providing emotional support with reassurance and perspective

- Provide support, information, and basic troubleshooting for breastfeeding, bottlefeeding and pumping

- Supporting your physical recovery from birth

- Help with relaxation, infant care and soothing

- Help with household organization, including light housework and meal preparation

- Providing advice about coping skills for new parents

- Help with sibling adjustment

- Help take care of your baby while you take a nap, a shower or just have a moment with your partner!

- As always, I will gladly provide information and educational materials, as well as referrals to outside providers as needed. I will be available for questions and help during both pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

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