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Birth Doula Support

I help prepare families for their birth and postpartum experiences by:

- offering compassion and respect 

- understanding your choices and helping you navigate clear, collaborative communication with your care providers

- giving you tips to help create a comfortable, warm atmosphere in any birth setting

- providing evidence-based birth education

- practicing labor positions, breathing, and relaxation techniques

- supporting your partner to be an active participant in birth

- offering resources to prepare the mind and body for birth

- guidance and support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Birth Doula Packages Include:

- Prenatal Visits

- Phone & Email Support

- 24/7 on-call Labor Support starting at 38 weeks

- Breastfeeding, bottle feeding & pumping support

- Postpartum Check-In Visits

- Optional photography during your labor & birth

- Optional newborn and/or family photography during our postpartum visit


"As a first-time mom I was very nervous and struggling with all the unknowns that come with trying to prepare for a birth...
I slowly began to see the birth as a sacred thing and looked for ways to make it special, rather than just being afraid of it and seeing it as something to overcome. I think this really transformed my birth experience - I had Amy with me every step of the way during my labor, reiterating that I was safe and taken care of. I was able to have the birth I wanted, and felt so supported throughout...

Cannot recommend more strongly!"


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